Where I Live Now

by Street Sity Surf

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released February 14, 2020

"Where I Live Now" by Street Sity Surf

Andrew Rimg - Drums
Josh Hall - Guitar
Rory Strong - Bass/Vox
Lyrics by Rory except parts of The Beach(pt. II) were written by Brian

Recorded by Joni Elfers at That Performance Place in Maryland
Mixed and mastered by Tyler Bisson
Mixing and mastering for digital versions by Joey Distasio
Cover art by Gabe Gill
Cover photo by Kat Castagne
Text and layout by Billy Philhower and Andy Gibson
Special thanks to Melissa Forsythe @ That Performance Place

Much love and thanks to all who made this music possible

12" vinyl available from Too Far Gone Records

Too Far Gone Records


all rights reserved


Track Name: Woke Up Late
I woke up late for work today
and I'll be late but I'll go anyway

Do I look like a girl in my hospital gown?
Should i meet your eyes politely or just keep staring down?
Will I shut the fuck up or will I always be loud?
Will I shut the fuck up or always be?

I woke up late on your birthday
So I guess I'll be late for eternity

Do I look like a girl? Do I look like a clown?
If I keep standing right here will I just let myself down
Will I shut the fuck up or will I always be loud?
Will I shut the fuck up or always be?

And since I've been home it's like I just don't know
How to talk to people when I'm not at shows
And where I live now it's like I just don't know
How to be a person when I'm out of my house

Yeah, where I live now
Like I just don't know how

Will I shut the fuck up? Will I always be loud
Just shut the fuck up Will I always be loud?
Just shut the fuck up
Track Name: Strawbery Frosty
I went to a doctor, said "I take anything you've got.
I tried all I could find but nothing was enough."

She just smiled and said "Hey, I think you better go.
You're a real sick kid, way sicker than you could ever know."

I went to the sky I said "Would you please just open up?"
There came no reply, guess I'd asked for way too much.

But time to time to time I will see you on a cloud.
You say "don't worry child, you know I've been laughing out loud
I'm laughing right now."
Track Name: The Beach (Pt. II)
And I had your name written on the back of my left hand
but someone else wrote it, someone else wrote it
they they they they wrote it down

And it's the winter in my driveway
I'm smoking cigarettes in my pajamas tonight
yeah yeah yeah it's tonight

I know I'm not always right
I know I'm not always right
Sometimes I think I'm always right
But I know I'm not always right

And I heard your voice coming from some far off distant land
and I can still hear it, I can still hear it
I can still hear it right now

And it's the winter in my headspace
I'm smoking cigarettes out of the window tonight
Yeah yeah yeah it's still tonight

You and me out at the beach
We wade into wide open seas
And try as hard as we have to, to stay alive
And I don't know what you've been told
But that's just how I'm gonna roll
I like my water as much as I like my wine

Yeah yeah yeah it's still tonight
Track Name: Sliding Scale Spliffs (SSS)
Track Name: Folding Chairs
She calls me up on paper routes
As if she knows what I'm about
It only hurts 'cause I don't know
Why can't I?

And now I sit in these folding chairs
'Cause I don't wanna go out there
The outside world is way too cold
Why can't I let it go?

And now I pass her in the halls
I ask the boys for Adderall
It only hurts 'cause I don't know
Why can't I?

I swallowed bottles full of seeds
To grow a garden inside me
I woke up in the hospital
Why can't I let it go?

From there appears a doctor
Who fades in and who fades out
There are cameras moving everywhere
but you can't move your mouth
The nurses and the orderlies
they all look at you to know
a big fat inside joke
That they could never let it go

They could not let it go
They could not let it go
They could not let it go
Track Name: Love Song For A Trampoline (Pt.II)
You didn't have fun at the party
No, you didn't get off of the couch
You didn't even go on the trampoline
And we were sneaking into the condo
I got caught in a lightning storm
I called my dad from on the floor


"Captain We're going down now
to the place we were before."

So did Daniel ever mention the vision
about the lion with the eagle's wings
the car alarms or the broken things?
So don't look too excited to see me
Flying drunk standing at your door
Dripping water from the ocean floor


"Captain would you raise me up now?
I wanna know what my body is for."

And from the garden to the hotel room.
Try as I try I still look for you
I know, I know I know not what I do
I do not know what I do.
Track Name: Western Medicine
I know I left you for myself and western medicine
My God, where are you now?
I thought you left me for a stolen dose pf Klonopin
But oh, look where we are right now

I left the wedding 'cause I was nervous about the party tricks
You know, the water to wine
In the garden, I fell asleep when you went off and wept
I woke up later that night
And you were gone

Do what you want but would you please excuse my reticence
I think I've been here once before
All by myself in your house with walls of venison and I woke up
Like a whale beached on a shore

We got the news in hotel rooms across the continent
The message falls, you know the message falls in the night
So would you wake me up would you wake me up before they bury him
I need to say my goodbyes

My goodbyes
This is my goodbye

And now that you've gone, given yourself to the ages,
what should we do?
You said "Hold on to the memory. Bring it to the future.
It is in you."

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